Keramik Werkstatt
Ursula Vogel
Eugen-Huberstrasse 11a
8048 Zürich

079 448 86 93


stockists :
Lea Vogel

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Restaurant Manesse, photo : Caroline Dyer Smith
Restaurant Manesse, Photo : Fabian Häfeli
Restaurant Manesse, Photo : Fabian Häfeli

We develop unique porcelain and stoneware editions for personal and
professional use in close dialogue to fit our clients’ needs.
All pieces are made by hand in our studio in Zürich.
They are fired to 1260 ° C in an electric kiln.
Each piece is dishwasher safe.

custom works for
Maison Manesse, maisonmanesse.ch, Zürich
Kleine Freiheit, kleinefreiheit.ch, Zürich
Restaurant Fahr, fahr-sulz.ch/ , Künten-Sulz AG
Caro Niederer, Zürich
Ingrid Käser, ingridkaeser.net/ , Zürich